A major issue for the educational system and for the social welfare state, in general, is to achieve the substantial induction into the educational process of students with disabilities or with special educational needs.

This programme involves the implementation of specialised support to induct students with disabilities and with special education needs.

The objective of the action is the integration and access of disabled students into regular social life, with a view to overcoming social exclusion, while at the same time stemming school failures and early dropouts.

In this framework, there is, on the one hand, a special healthcare personnel who collaborates with teachers and other school personnel as well as with parents in order to ensure the regular educational process and the promotion of the school program.

They have parallel duties to those of the main class teacher, in a specialized place or a classroom, when necessary, in collaboration with teachers. However, in no case should they substitute them.

They should also update the personal folder of any student and in cases of collaboration, they should exchange views with the rest of the school personnel, by adhering to confidentiality rules.

On the other hand there is a special support personnel, supporting students with disabilities to meet their basic needs and facilitate their daily lives, in the school framework.



Specialised Educational Support for the Induction of Students with disabilities and/or special education needs, through Regional Operational Programme “Northern Aegean 2014-2020”
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