In the ongoing effort to expand and support special education, a 4.75 million program, under the auspices of the EU Operational Programme “Human Resources Development, Education and Life Lifelong Learning (ESPA) 2014-2020” (Partnership Agreement (P.A.) (ESPA) 2014-2020 for the Development Framework), will promote induction programs for students with disabilities at 145 special education facilities nationwide.

The project’s main axes encompass the development of support structures for the induction and inclusion in the regular educational system of students with disabilities or special education needs, for the 2016-2017 school year.”

This action involves the modernisation and support of education for students with disabilities and/or special education needs, by restructuring the role of Special Education Schools, and their conversion into Centres for the Support of Special Education (EAE), the creation of School Education and Support Networks, and the operation of Committees of Diagnostic Educational Evaluation (EDEAY).

 The above changes aim to determine the special educational needs and development of students, in part through referrals to the competent Centres for Differential Diagnosis, Diagnosis and Support (KEDDY), which issue a report with recommendations in cases where, despite the special education support mechanisms, students continue to have learning or behavioural difficulties, or problems with their induction in the regular school environment.

For all of the above reasons, the Ministry of Education is hiring the necessary Special Education personnel to staff the support centres (EAE) as well as the education and support networks, so that they will comprise the Committees of Diagnostic Educational Evaluation (EDEAY).

Furthermore, additional Specialised Educational Personnel (EEP) will also be hired to support the Centres for Differential Diagnosis, Diagnosis and Support (KEDDY).

Development of Support Structures for the Induction and Inclusion in Education of Students with Disabilities and/or Special Education Needs